[In Progress]  Competition - First Prize

Location:  Matsu, Taiwan
Project year:  2020-


Matsu Battlefield Culture included visible objects, landscape, and intangible cultural heritage. Under the principle of not violating reality and completeness, this project is a series of proposals for the preservation and renovation of these battlefield heritages. In the past, Point 77 was a fortress located at the battlefront to “wait” for the war. However, in the future, through this project, it would transform into the “Awaiting Museum” with scenery sea view and historical heritage, “waiting” for art and visitors. 
“Awaiting Museum” consists of a one-story building and an underground tunnel. To satisfy the space requirement for museums, we remove the existing spatial partition, ceiling and lighting. Moreover, the size of the windows is also been enlarged. These new windows would be more likely to the frame of paintings and bring in the astonishing sea view of Matsu. After the partial repairing and adding necessary lighting, the underground tunnel would also open to the public to provide a special and exclusive visiting experience.
In the development process of museums, the exhibition space has also evolved from the affiliated courtyard and corridor to specialized buildings, and the visitors have also changed from private guests to the public. The logic of the exhibition has also changed from being personal taste at the very beginning to chronological-oriented or other thematic placement. “Awaiting Museum”, different from the traditional museums main for collection, research and exhibition, combining the site for artistic creation and the locality of Matsu, is a brand-new typology of museums for the future.

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