Competition - Second Prize

Location:  Tainan, Taiwan
Project year:  2018

「18 我卻要跟你立約。你要帶兒子、妻子、兒媳一同進入方舟。 19 各樣有血肉的活物,你都要帶進方舟,每樣兩隻,有公有母, 跟你一同保全生命。 20 各樣飛禽、各樣牲畜,各樣在地上爬行的動物,都要各按其類,每樣兩隻,到你這裡來保全生命。」( 創世紀6:18-20) 

The site is located at west central district, Tainan, and the total site area is about 1546.19 m2. This location is close to Xi-men Roundabout and Tainan Train Station. The church, as a faith center, will attract people with different life patterns in the neighborhood. It can also be used as another learning space for the nearby campus during holidays.
But with you I will make an agreement; and you will come into the ark, you and your sons and your wife and your sons' wives with you. And you will take with you into the ark two of every sort of living thing, and keep them safe with you; they will be male and female. Two of every sort of bird and cattle and of every sort of living thing which goes on the earth will you take with you to keep them from destruction.
[Genesis 16:18-20]
This project takes Noah's Ark as the design concept, on the original location of Deqing Creek, to establish a platform to accommodate the daily life for church and believers, and lead people to find the way of God. Users can enter a living platform consisting of library, classrooms and restaurant through the street, and finally enter the hall. The hall has a translucent glass curtain, allowing light to penetrate and spill into the hall. At night, the light from the interior also shines through, lighting up the street corner. 
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