Competition - Second Prize

Location:  Hsinchu, Taiwan
Project year:  2019


This project as a new type of market, would combine the advantages of traditional markets and supermarket. In terms of equipment, it integrates various pipelines, creating a clean and bright shopping environment. Moreover, we create two kinds of stand to satisfy the different needs. The fixed stands are main for butcher and seafood since both of them emphasized more to food hygiene. On the other hand, the movable stands could be adjusted according to different themes and activities. 
In addition, this project includes cultural functions such as catering and library to promote the market into a diversified education center and social plaza in the city. With food education as the core value, Hsinchu East Market is no longer just a market, but an educational institution about food. At night, when the market is closed, it can be opened as a space for all kinds of social activities, becoming a relaxing playground in Hsinchu.
In the outdoor space, the entrance plaza is used to create an urban open space that is friendly to people and vehicles. The internal space applies several voids to create continuity and penetration of space, breaking the impression that traditional markets are always dark and crowded. Activities can extend from the entrance plaza to the fourth floor. We interpret the image of the red brick from Hakka culture in Zhubei. The tilted roof facing the north side could bring in gentle sunlight during the day and provide natural ventilation through high windows. At night, due to activities of the library, the light inside could light up the building and become a shiny facade.

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